DIY Hanging Vegetable Garden


Interested in gardening and upcycling your old materials? Follow this DIY to find out how to build a hanging vegetable patch from old shoe organisers!


  • Hanging pocket shoe organiser
  • Pole and attachments
  • Hooks to attach the shoe organiser onto pole
  • Compost
  • Plants/seeds
  • 2×2 piece of wood
  • Trough Planter 

1) Attach the pole on a wall

2) Attach the hanging shoe organiser using the pole


3) Fill pockets with compost

4) Add plants/seeds

5) Attach a “drip aid”
  • Add the piece of wood behind the shoe organiser to allow excess water to drip into the trough below
Extra instructions to ensure that your hanging vegetable garden is supported well over time:
  • Water the plants slowly
  • Ensure that pests such as flies, caterpillars and aphids are kept out of the garden
  • Ensure that the hooks on the pole are strong enough to support the shoe organiser and the plants together
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Source: by pippa5

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