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We have one of the largest makerspace in Hong Kong. At MakerBay, believe that everyone can learn to make something. We strive to develop people’s maker skills and mindsets so that they can address social and environmental challenges.

Hi there! Welcome to MakerBay

MakerBay is a non-profit innovation organization with a community of makers passionate about bringing social and environmental impact, through educating people to apply hands-on skills and design thinking to create tools and designs that can send a message, make an impact and help those in need in our society.

No matter who you are, at MakerBay, you can

  • Learn and use the hands-on skills through workshops and other events
  • Use the makerspace, our resources and expertise to come up with innovative solutions
  • Be part of our community of change makers and together bring an impact to the society

Our Latest Programs

MakerBay has delivered more than 500 social and environmental impact workshops in Hong Kong as well as globally, to support more than 10,000 youth, social workers, educators and industry professionals.






Trained social workers


Inspired youth

AI Community Innovation Programme

Coral Reef Mapping Drone

YouthCreate Programme

Impact Maker Programme

City Nature Challenge

STEAM 2021

Conservation Chill Club

How may we help you?

Focusing on innovation education could give Hong Kong an edge

According to the World Economic Forum, the top three of the most essential skills to use in 2025 are analytical thinking & innovation, active learning & learning strategies and complex problem-solving. There are over 1 million youth (5 – 25 yo) in Hong Kong who need to acquire this kind of skills to be equipped for their future. 

As climate change and the pandemic are bringing about challenges of unprecedented scale, it is a must that we foster the right mindset and culture for youth and students to become change makers. More than ever before, we need innovative ideas.

As a makerspace of innovation, we continue providing quality innovation education through workshops for the youth, the trainers and everyone. We also provide our expertise, tools and space for you to use, so that you can learn, innovate or just have fun making.

Upcoming Events

& Online classes

Great things happen at MakerBay. We have a wide range of events, delivered at the makerspace, on-site or as online classes, all made for you to equip the skills and mindset you need, so that you too can be an impactful maker, or just have fun making! 

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃 – 手機應用程式工作坊(中學班) 廣東話 – 網上工作坊

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃 – 手機應用程式工作坊(中學班) 廣東話 – 網上工作坊

網上工作坊為兩節各3小時的活動,將12月3日及4日舉行,參加者需參與兩節。 The online workshop will be conducted in 2 sessions (3 hr each) on 3 and 4 Dec. Please join bothRead More »
賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃 – 編程工作坊(親子班) 廣東話 – 實體工作坊

賽馬會社區創新智能共學計劃 – 編程工作坊(親子班) 廣東話 – 實體工作坊

實體工作坊為兩節各3小時的活動,將12月3日及4日舉行,參加者需參與兩節,方為完成。 The online workshop will be conducted in 2 sessions (3 hr each) on 3 and 4 Dec. Please join both.Read More »

Interested in what we do? Our makerspace is for you!

Join the MakerBay Community for free by creating your Online Profile including your skills and projects. Or sign up for our Memberships to enjoy exclusive members’ benefits, like access to the makerspace, the tools and a network of experts and passionate makers.

Everyone can be a Maker. At MakerBay, we offer a diverse variety of skills for you to learn and apply all of that to work on your projects! 


3D Printing



Laser Cutting


CNC Milling


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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.