DIY Plant Pots

Upcycle your old household items to create DIY plant pots and live a more sustainable lifestyle! You can really use anything you feel is suitable, below are just a few options.

What You Need:

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Old Mason Jars
  • Ice Cream Pint
  • Tins and Cans
  • Scissors
  • Hammer and Nail (or any item that will allow you to poke holes easily)
  • File – (to smoothen out rough edges from the cans)
  • Iron – (to smoothen out rough edges from the plastic bottles)


  1. Clean out the item you will be using to make your plant pot
  2. IF using plastic bottles, cut the bottle to remove the narrow neck and top, then use an iron to gently melt any sharp edges on the plastic rim
  3. IF using cans, cut the can to remove the top and use a file to smoothen out any rough edges on the rim
  4. Using your nail and hammer, poke a few drainage holes at the bottom of your item (EXCEPT mason jars)
  5. OPTIONAL: decorate your newly made plant pot with whatever you like! (eg. paint)
  6. Place some soil in your pot and carefully insert your plant
    1. If your plant has already grown, make sure to include the ROOTS
    2. If you just have the seeds, place the seeds on top of the first layer of soil, and add another layer above the seeds
  7. To catch the water from the bottom of your plant, use the lid of the ice cream pint, mason jar, or any other suitable item and place it below your pot (feel free to decorate this too!)
  8. Now that you have your upcycled household item plant pot, make sure to care and love for it properly!

Source: video tutorial 

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