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Fostering Hands-on Learning: Student-Crafted Digital Solutions for School

MakerBay Foundation collaborates with various schools and institutions to host no-code courses to build their portfolios while enhancing competitiveness in the job market. The no-code course held in collaboration with the HKMA David Li Kwok Po College not only trained students with hands-on skills but also empowered them to create solutions successfully applied on campus.

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maker history

Finding Our Roots: A History of Makers and Its Significance in Education

The resurgence of maker culture in 2005 seems to respond to the increasing demand for environmental protection, encouraging people to make their own products and practice sustainable living. This trend has also brought about a new teaching approach, allowing students to demonstrate creativity and problem-solving through hands-on projects. Let’s take a look at how maker culture has developed and its impact on education.

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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.