Talk: “Energy Autonomous Flexible Robots” by Dr Hemma Philamore, Oct 31 at MakerBay Tsuen Wan, Nov 11 at HKU

Time Session 1: October 31st, 17:30 – 19:00Location: MakerBay Tsuen Wan, 23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen wan

Time Session 2: November 11th 14:30-15:30Location: The University of Hong Kong, Knowles Building, Room KB730

 We present an energetically autonomous robotic tadpole that uses a single membrane component for both electrical energy generation and propulsive actuation. The coupling of this small bio-inspired power source to a bio-inspired actuator demonstrates the first-generation design for an energetically autonomous swimming robot consisting of a single membrane. An ionic polymer-metal composite (IPMC) with a Nafion polymer layer is demonstrated in a novel application as the ion exchange membrane and anode and cathode electrode of a microbial fuel cell (MFC), whilst being used concurrently as an artificial muscle tail.  The work demonstrates great potential for reducing the mass and complexity of bio-inspired autonomous robots

Poster by Anthony Cheuk Wang

Free lectures open to all

About Dr Hemma Philamore
University of Kyoto, Mechatronics Laboratory Graduate School of Engineering, Matsuno Lab
Dr. Hemma Philamore leads a research group researching bio-hybrid and bio-integrative robots within the Mechatronics Lab of Kyoto University, Japan. Her research includes energy-autonomous robots including the use of bio-energy generated by microbial fuel cells, artificial chemotaxis, and trophallaxis, soft robotic actuators for aquatic propulsion, wearable robotic interfaces for neurological therapies and new materials development for soft actuators. Hemma also works with art collectives and performers to produce interactive artworks with sound, touch, and play.

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