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Featured Articles of August

UpCycling Plus: Crafting with purpose

In an era of abundant material resources, people have become accustomed to throwing away old or broken things. However, one man’s trash can be another one’s treasure. These things are great source of inspiration for some people, and could continue being used after simple repair or transformation. Stephanie Fung is a maker who likes upcycling and has a fondness for vintage bikes. She met Cheong Gor in a vintage bike club, and together they created UpCycling Plus. Apart from restoring vintage bikes and other old things, they also transform discarded materials into useful products.

Stephanie, who studied abroad in Germany, noticed that foreign maker culture is very different from the Hong Kong one. In western countries, you can easily find both male and female makers, and most people are used to making their own furniture or repairing their house. Meeting these different makers has inspired her to learn to restore bikes back home in Hong Kong.

Upcoming Workshops

Ocean Imagineer Workshops

ocean imagineer montage

Do you like to eat oysters? Oysters are not only a delicious food, but they also play the role of purifying sea water. Inspired by that, a floating art and science work, Ocean Imagineer will be open to the public on September 10th 2021, at North Point. This work is a combination of an art exhibition, oyster research and the usage of clean energy. As one of the education partners, MakerBay Foundation, we will be conducting 4 maker workshops, focusing on ocean, clean energy and oysters. 

Join one of our workshops to learn how to make a clean energy boat with reusable materials!

More details about Ocean Imagineer : 

Please stay tuned to our website for more upcoming workshops!

Upcoming Community Events

MakerBay is not just a space, but also a community! In order to connect with makers in Hong Kong, we will have community events every month. Feel free to join us and meet other inspiring makers. 😉

Festival Event - Mid-Autumn Festival Night

In Hong Kong, it is common to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with friends and family, but have you ever celebrated it in maker style? This year, we will hold a Mid-Autumn Festival Night on 17th September! We will make lanterns and play riddle games (which is a traditional activity)! Come join us to celebrate the full moon night together!

For sign up and inquire please contact +852 4638 0364.😎 

Projects Update

Coral Conservation Project with Artificial Intelligence

MakerBay has been developing the “CoralBot” for mapping and conserving corals. Recently we have visited WWF Hong Kong Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre and organized a workshop, aiming at raising public awareness on the need for coral conservation. With the help of artificial intelligence, no matter who you are, you can participate and help to conserve corals. By showcasing our development of the Coralbot, we are not only showing how to conserve corals with AI but also allowing the participants to get involved in improving the bot.

We can’t wait to share the outcome of that day with you! For now, let’s take a peek at the day with the photos below,  and stay tuned for the upcoming video on our YouTube channel!

AI Impact Maker

In last month’s newsletter, we’ve introduced a project called “AI Impact Maker”, which is a project that focuses on publicizing the usage of AI, in order to help us solve global issues and problems of large scale and complexity. MakerBay will organize workshops about these topics in late 2021. Good news is, you don’t have to wait till late 2021, as we’ve prepared an online course for you to have a glimpse of the upcoming AI workshops. Check out the link below to start your journey of becoming an AI master!

Project Highlight

Here is one of the projects/events we’ve just finished and we would like to share some moments of that experience with you.😊

Summer Workshops 2021

Summertime is always a good time for kids to learn differently. This summer, we got three inspirational workshops for kids to develop their maker skills and mindsets. Let’s see what they created in this fruitful summer!

Impact Innovator Week

Impact innovator workshop was focus on the topic of sustainable city, and aimed to build up their environmental awareness. Within the week, participants created their own sustainable designs with recyclable materials.

Week 1

A reusable shopping box from laser cutting. It had different sections for putting different types of foods.

Week 2

A group of young makers assembled a cart with discarded materials. It could also be used for carrying goods!🤣

Impact Maker Week

In Impact Maker workshops, participants used discarded materials to make toys. 

One of the participants created a cardboard video game. With the motor, the paper will roll automatically and it’s not easy to avoid the traps!

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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.