#Maker Hacks — Fascinating Wood Properties

Woodworking is a popular maker skill. Let’s start by learning common boards used in woodworking and their features!🪵


It’s crafted from assorted scraps of wood, which are layered and bonded together using adhesive and pressure to form a sheet. With the use of recycled raw materials, it is an environmentally friendly alternative.

✅Smooth surface, low formaldehyde level, environmentally friendly

❎Low wood density, low weight capacity, not resistant to moisture

Usage🪚Parts that do not need to support weight, decorative surfaces Price 💰

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF Board)

After mechanical and chemical treatment, the wood fibers are bonded by synthetic resin and compressed through pressure and heat, resulting in a solid and very uniform board.

✅Smooth surface, can be sculpted easily

❎Swells easily when exposed to moisture, contains formaldehyde

Usage🪚Cheap furniture, DIY furniture, Laser-cutting

Price 💰


Created by pressing layers of wood plies under high pressure and the grain direction alternates at right angles in successive layers. The more layers it has, the stronger it is.

✅Moisture resistant, not easy to deform, high weight capacity

❎Poor sound insulation, coarse surface, environmentally unfriendly

Usage🪚Custom-made furniture, wall paneling

Price 💰💰


Consisting of a face and back veneer,  with a layer of small wooden strips sandwiched in the middle. It is stronger than chipboard and MDF, but is less durable than plywood.

✅Sturdy, not easy to deform, high weight capacity, strong holding power

❎Cannot handle moisture well, high formaldehyde level, environmentally unfriendly

Usage🪚Table surfaces, doors, windows

Price 💰💰

Solid wood board

There are two types of solid wood boards: lumber and joint board. Joint board is made with lumber edge-glued along the wood grain and pressed together. It is more common than lumber and thus more affordable.

✅Sturdy, with natural pattern and aroma

❎Deform easily with temperature changes

Usage🪚Flooring, custom-made furniture

Price 💰💰~💰💰💰💰

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the workings of different tools, feel free to sign up for our Maker Workshops.

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