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Facing various changes brought about by technological innovation, students need to develop different skills to address challenges in future society and the workplace. Through a combination of design thinking and STEAM training, Makerbay curates unique learning experiences for students to engage in project-based learning, considering user perspectives through observation and interviews to develop practical solutions. Over 12-16 sessions, they delve into woodworking, electronics, or technology skills while enhancing teamwork, communication, and presentation skills. We can adjust the training content according to the needs of the school to match the curriculum arrangement.

▸Training Highlights

STEAM Application

Apply skills such as AI, programming, and electronics to create practical solutions for users, consolidating the knowledge learned.

Project-based Learning

Designing solutions around specific themes enhances motivation and utilises interdisciplinary knowledge to solve problems.

Tangible Learning Outcomes

Whether physical or digital solutions, students see their efforts pay off, building confidence through presentations and showcases.

Material and Support Provided

MakerBay provides necessary materials and tools for the course, along with training for teachers to support student learning.

▸Key Learnings

Building Empathy

Learn to interview users, understand their needs, and gather valuable information through dialogue and observation.

Train Critical Thinking

In courses without standard answers, students try to improve solutions through observation, analysis, and feedback, exploring new ideas.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Working in groups provides opportunities for students to learn how to collaborate and listen to diverse opinions toward common goals.

Resilience Building

Students will equip themselves with strategies to overcome challenges when receiving negative feedback or lack of knowledge to complete the project.

▸Learning Experience

Session Content Session Content
1 Understand what is design thinking 9 Consolidate the user needs
2 Building Empathy with activities 10 Learn maker skills
3 Learn the problem by Making 11 Practice and making
4 Understand users’ needs (Prototype 1.0) 12 Practice and making
5 Consolidate the insights from users 13 Getting and giving constructive feedback (Prototype 3.0)
6 Generate crazy ideas 14 Improve the prototype with different perspectives
7 Actualize ideas and test with prototypes 15 Empathy as an awareness
8 Finding insights and accept failure (Prototype 2.0) 16 Product launch & Recap the learning (Prototype 4.0)

▸Curriculum Reference

Get to Know Design Thinking
Learn STEAM Skills
Understand Users' Needs Through Interview
Consolidate the Insights from Users
Generate Crazy Ideas
Build Prototype (1.0)
Class Presentation
Seek Feedback from Users
Refine Prototypes
Recap STEAM Skills
Build Prototye (2.0)
Final Adjustment and Prepare for the Final Presentation
Final Presentation

* Can be adjusted according to the requirement of the school

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Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.