Tigers are critically endangered right now

There are only about 3,500 tigers left in the world today. That’s just 5% of their historical range. Imagine if there were only 3,500 humans left in the world. That’s less than the population of Tuvalu, the 2nd smallest populated country in the world. That’s even less than 1% of the human population right now.

Why are they endangered? There are countless reasons and most of them are manmade. They are going extinct because of our actions. Because people destroy their natural habitats. Because people kill them for their body parts. Because people are chopping down forests, killing their prey and damaging the food chain. Because of our huge contributions to climate change.

Scientists think that some habitats like the Russian Far East can no longer accommodate tigers and unfortunately because of this, the population of Siberian tigers could essentially be wiped out within the next few decades.

How can we try to save them? There are many ways that we can try. People could donate to charities like WWF that do extensive research on tigers which could help save them. We could and should reduce tiger-human conflicts. People could also monitor population trends amongst tigers and threats to them and their habitats. The information that they could gain will help us all gain a better understanding on what’s happening to them and how we can use our resources to save them from all going extinct.

Sources: WWF and Bio explorer

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