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Hop on the Maker train today.

Start little, aim BIG, and you are MAKING the world a better place.

Why you’d love to work at MakerBay

A haven for creativity, tech and crafting

People from different corners of the globe, with different expertises, we welcome. Engineers, teachers, scientists and hobbyists alike have been powering our drive for impact. 

As long as you feel engaged in tinkering, problem-solving and making stuff, MakerBay’s your home.

We walk the talk

Heard many big talks about everything and anything lately? 

While we do love talking, we don’t just run at the mouth. We love to come up with ideas and turn them into something you can use or play with. And we encourage everyone else to do the same.

Try, learn, have fun, repeat. If these are on the top of your dictionary, you are our type.

Be a community hero for good

We take pride at the work we do here to provide Maker education to the public, and spread our everlasting Maker passion to bring social and environmental impact. 

Everyone has an inner Maker spirit, it’s up to you to unlock yours! 

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How will you fit in?

At MakerBay, we run projects and workshops to deliver our promise to bring an impact to the society.

We work with our team to define the social or enviornmental goals we pursue.

We also dispense technical expertise on hands-on skills and social science to serve our beneficiaries.

Interested? Please email us with your resume and portfolio (optional) attached.

[email protected]

We can’t wait to build the future with you!



MakerBay 荃灣

23 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong

週一至週日:10:00 – 19:00

MakerBay 中環

Unit H508, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

週三至週日:14:00 – 19:00


[email protected] (一般查詢)

[email protected] (會員查詢)

電話 / WhatsApp

+852 4638 0364 

Cherry Cheung – Membership & Induction Class Inquiries

+852 5199 6126

Aurianne Ricquier – Partnership Inquiries

無論您是誰,都可以參與 MakerBay 以及我們提供的服務。 


如果您是一所學校,想要引入創新,並鼓勵解決問題的創造力,那麼 MakerBay 正是您的最佳選擇。如果我們開設了教授學生和/或教師設計思維以開發發明的課程,請聯繫我們。




首先,要正式加入社區,請不要猶豫,創建自己的個人資料!我們有一個論壇供您提交您對 MakerBay 可以提供的其他課程以及您想了解更多課程的原創想法。在那裡,您還可以寫下您在完成的課程中使用 MakerBay 的個人體驗,以及您從課程中學到的東西。也可以隨意寫下與這些要點相關的任何內容。


如果您需要一個工作空間或工具來幫助您處理您正在處理的事情,MakerBay 是一個經濟實惠的工作場所。 MakerBay 為其會員提供範圍廣泛的設備和服務,其中一些會員計劃比其他會員計劃提供的更多。有了這些會員資格,您就可以訪問獨家預先錄製的課程,以及訪問 MakerBay 主持的現場活動和課程。現在有4種會員選擇,從100HKD到2700HKD。根據您選擇的會員計劃,每個計劃都不同。更昂貴的將有更多的內容和現場指導。


如果您想為 MakerBay 做出貢獻、做項目並參與計劃,您可以註冊成為實習生。作為實習生,您不僅可以用已有的技能為 MakerBay 做出貢獻,還可以學習可能對您的餘生有所幫助的技能。想申請實習?好點子!只需填寫 這個表格.