World’s 1st 3D Printed Neighbourhood

They’re living in literally a pieced-together shack that during the rainy season, it will rain and it will flood their shack.

Brett Hagler, CEO and co-founder of New Story

New story is a non-profit organisation which provides shelter for families in need. Their first project is to build houses entirely out of 3D printing.

A large-scale 3D printer is used to build houses in impoverished, rural parts of Mexico. The area – Tabasco, Mexico – is prone to flooding, the houses are designed to withstand earthquakes and heavy rains. The 33-foot 3D-printer pipes out a concrete mix that hardens when it dries. Compared to the typical time needed to construct a home, this method of building homes is two times faster.

A rural community in Mexico who will be the first to live in a 3D-printed neighbourhood

These 3D-printed houses are set to create more affordable infrastructure for the residents in these areas. Though a price has not yet been set, New Story are collaborating with families to determine how much they will pay to live in these homes. Therefore, this project will produce more durable and more effective shelters for those in need.


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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

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