Design Thinking Workshops
MakerBay staff is experienced running hands-on Design Thinking workshops.  - What is the purpose of a Design Thinking workshop? - Who is this for? - What will happen? - What will I learn? - What will we bring home? - How experienced is MakerBay staff to run such workshop? - What advantage would this give me / my team?
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Innovation Consulting & Facilitation
- How to capture the energy of a discussion and transform an inspiration into strategy? - How to synthesise the many ideas of a team into a simple plan of action? - How to make sense of complexity? Visual Recording, facilitation, and Innovation Consulting is our bread and butter. As a technology and education startup, we constantly come up with new ideas, and new partnerships to address complex issues.  - What will happen? - What should we prepare? - How long does it take? - Why not do this ourselves? - What will we keep? - Why does this matter? - Is MakerBay competent to run such activity? - What about our intellectual property? Join MakerBay’s Innovation Consulting and Facilitation service to get all of the answers to your questions.
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Sustainability & Impact Consulting
You want your organisation to identify key issues. To have a greater social and environmental impact. You would like to be more innovative and address the root cause of the issues, have a long-term systemic effect. How would you deal with the complexity of issues and create a system that will grow and last?  There are many ways you can affect change, but which one will be the most effective one? Who are the stakeholders? What do they want? - What will we do? - Why? - What will I get? - Why is it important?
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Customized Makerspace Design
MakerBay is the result of the study of many makerspaces around the world. We have helped many other organisations, schools, universities, and more build innovation spaces. May it be for children, professionals, or advanced research, we can help you design, build and install a space that will work for you. In addition of the hardware (MakerBench or fully equipped workshop), MakerBay can provide you the training for your staff, teachers, students and exciting projects to work on. Please get in touch for more informations. [email protected]
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Design & Fabrication
Have an idea, a design or specific build in mind? MakerBay can turn it into reality. No matter what stage your project is at, we are happy to offer our services to support all of your design and fabrication requirements. The most common services we provide are: - Laser Cutting - CNC Milling - 3D Printing If what you need is missing, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to accommodate your request. There is no project we can't handle, either in-house or through our carefully selected sub-contracted partners.
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