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[2 hours to up to full day]



Natural Dye

Pallet Wood Planter

Upcycled Wine Box

Upcycled Clothing

Sustainable Making

Making a product always requires the use of resources from nature. Can we reduce the impact to the environment when creating? How to create reusable products to replace single-use ones? Let’s learn to reuse and repurpose materials while developing maker skills.

• Work with wood, metal, textile, plastics
• Understand concept of sustainable design
• Identify reusable and recyclable materials



AI in Biology

AI has been a popular topic in the recent years. But are students already able to fully understand how this technology works and how they could use it? 

This workshop will introduce how AI can be used in biology and scientific research for conservation. Based on no-code tools, students will experience creating their own AI model. 

• Gain confidence in the AI concept
• Learn how to use open source ressources
• Create an AI model
• Learn about corals



3D modelling & Physics Simulations

3D modeling is a way to simulate how the real world works from a computer.

In this workshop, students will learn to create 3D models that can simulate physics and they can modify and expand in just a few clicks.

• Introduce 3D model concept and softwares
• Use Blender for physic simulation
• Collision & Momentum (Physics)
• Future use of 3D model


[5 sessions of 2 hrs or 5 full days]



Arcade Game

Making is fun! Making your own game is even more fun. Students will first learn the use of woodwork & laser cutting machines. Using design thinking, students will be encouraged to come up with their  own unique game, and build it. Then of course, play it! See some of our previous games here.

• Graphic design for laser cut software
• Woodwork, cardboard skills
• Collaboration
• Concept of rules and game design



How to reduce the trash found on hiking trails?

How to reduce ocean pollution?

Innovate for nature

Want to help the environment but have no clue where to start? Students will journey through a design thinking process to discover an environmental issue, generate an innovative solution and prototype it.

To test their solution in real conditions, we will have a field trip!

• Understand the concept of SDGs
• Identify aspects of specific environmental issues
• Making good use of resources to solve a given problem



Colour detector

Air quality sensor

Speed tracker

Basketball Counter

Detective PC

Can computers feel the world? They do, and they can feel better than us, but in a different way. Computers are our best helper to gather data and analyze them.

With the right kind of data, how many more applications could we imagine? Students will build one of these detective PC, and explore how it could help to solve issues in the community.

• Learning to use Arduino
• Leaning to use sensors
• Designing a device to analyze real life data



Sustainable building design

Underwater data collection

Alternative biomaterial

Power from natural resources

Practical Science

Is Sci-Tech the key to a more sustainable future? In these workshops, we’ll explore how Sci-Tech solutions could solve a lot of challenging problems. We’ll learn about the topic and the science behind. Then form hypothesis to test, and create several prototypes.

• Learning about selected science topics
• Learning about sustainable design concepts
• Linking science to real life and designing



3D for prototyping

These workshops will introduce 3D printing & CNC milling to students. These magic tools help to solidify ideas from the digital world to our physical world in an accurate way.

These are essential tools to develop prototypes efficiently.

• Using CAD software for 3D modelling
• Introduction to 3D printing & CNC
• Learning about sustainable design concepts
• Using alternative technologies for prototyping

Other Services




Innovation Consultation

We provide support and training to schools for their projects & competitions in following areas:

Support in material preparation
• Identifying relevant materials
• Sourcing

Advice in ideation and design process
• Design thinking
• Field trip
• Creativity tools box

Develop prototyping skill for students
• Access to makerspace and tools
• Hands-on skills training
• Prototype testing



Train the trainers

We provide training to educators, supporting them in continuously deliver classes focusing on the 21st century skill set. Depends on the specific learning objective, the training period could be arrange from half day to full year.

The purpose of the training is to:

• Equip educators with making and prototyping skills
• Extend maker skillset to latest and advanced technology
• Equip them with maker mindset (collaboration with youth, creativity activation, design thinking)

To extend the impact of this training, a dedicated maker curriculum can be co-created with the educators.



Makerspace co-creation

We support you in creating the space and equipments you need to teach STEAM and maker topics

Price List


Price per Student

Number of Students



2 Hours

HKD 275

Minimum 10

Full Day

HKD 1000

Minimum 5



5 sessions of 2 hours

HKD 1375

Minimum 10

5 days

HKD 4000

Minimum 5


Other Services

Quotation on Demand

All the workshops and programs presented above can be tailored to your specific needs. 🙂

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Ms. Angie Zhou

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Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.