"As a maker, I hope to contribute to improving society and the environment."
Cesar Jung-Harada
MakerBay Founder

Our Projects

We are eager to take on new challenges. Since the day MakerBay was established, we have been working with makers, community centers and the public in pursuit of creating an impact to the society, addressing environmental and social issues.

ocean imagineer logo

Ocean Imagineer

We are building a floating oyster hatchery and setting it up in North point. On the roof, solar panels will power the production of hydrogen, the cleanest fuel for the future.

Together with the construction of the giant oyster, we will be hosting workshops, open to the public for FREE, during which you will learn how oysters are contributing to the ecosystem, having building and playing with boats and witness the magic of clean energy.

Jockey Club YouthCreate Series

For the past 3 years, MakerBay has trained several hundred teachers, social workers, youth workers and several thousand young people to innovation and maker skill set and mindset.

Local Maker Map

There are a lot of developed makers/maker groups, forming a great network altogether. From individual craftsmen to companies and maker space on a larger scale, they are all inseparable parts of the whole maker culture.

We created this map to provide you with a nexus of contents about the local maker culture. As the maker scope will only continue to grow, YOU are also welcome to contribute to this map! 

Impact Maker

“Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund – Impact Maker Project ” is a step-by-step approach for youth to develop innovation skills and a problem-solving mindset to solve the challenges outlined in the SDG’s.






logo for city nature challenge 2021

City Nature Challenge 2021

We partnered with schools to hold workshop for the youth to learn about the importance of insects through the biodiversity mapping app iNaturalist and making paper models of the beautiful lanternfly.

Ocean Park STEAM 2021

Secondary school students solved animal conservation issues by applying knowledge gained from STEAM and creating their innovative designs.

ocean park steam 2021 banner
chill club logo

Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club

In order to conserve our beautiful corals, MakerBay has partnered with Ocean Park to roll out a program to equip Hong Kong youth with AI technology and knowledge about coral diversity to help build the AI model for coral reef mapping of Hong Kong.

Touch Tung O

We visited Tung-O Ancient Trail, a road that connects Tai O, a traditional fishing village, and Tung Chung, the city that neighbors one of the busiest international airports in the world. We connected with the locals, and by using design thinking and other activities, we came up with solutions to help them improve their quality of life while maintaining their cultural identity.

logo of tough tung o
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