MakerBay Tsuen Wan construction – Progress Report

Niles Mak made some great renders of how the space will eventually look like. 

The Reception (ground floor)The goal is to make a very comfortable space, that will feel more like a clubhouse. A social place to relax, with tea, coffee, snacks, sofas, music…

The workshop  (ground floor)You will find a bigger workshop than in Yau Tong, with a more functional layout, with a clear separation between wood and metal work. We are also dedicating a larger area for recycling. A big portion of the workshop will be dedicated to air treatment so that the amount of dust in the air is minimal. 

The coworking space (3rd floor)The 3rd floor will have a large room with many 3D printers, laser cutters as well as several MakerBenches focused on computing, electronics, jewelry, textile, and an improved DIYBio lab (biology and chemistry). 

The rooftop
 (4th floor)

The rooftop will be a social space with a community garden, with barbecue area, a performing art stage with a powerful sound system and lighting. In the following months, we will install solar panels and we’re working on wind turbine and dry toilets designs. 

The construction is well underway and thanks to the wonderful support of many volunteers, we are making tremendous progress. 

We cannot thank enough all the volunteers that have come to work on the construction site! Let’s do this!

If you are more the nerdy type, you might enjoy our technical drawings: 

220v Socket
380v Socket
Heater Hand Dryers
HVAC Ducting-01

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Ms. Angie Zhou

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Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.