MakerBay Foundation X YWCA ITBB & ITTM 街舞樂屯門@創聚派對 13 July 2019

YWCA ITBB & ITTM host a faire, this time, the theme is street culture. the event is located at Tin Hau Temple Plaza in Tuen Mun back in 13th July 2019. The event consists of maker-experience booths, showcases of youth’s work, big toys, and street art performance. 

Apart from the object previously shown on 24th February 造你所想Faire. We the help of the MakerBay Foundation staff, Peter & Kitty, both centres added some other new projects to show the growth and abilities of the youthes. Here are some pictures of the event. 

Scooters from ITTM

Handmade Guitar from ITBB

Skateboards from ITTM

Cardboard Paper Arcade Games from ITBB

It was a great time to connect with local community. We enjoyed most of our time meeting social workers and youth to share our hard earned results.

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