MakerBay equips and trains at CUHK PI Center

MakerBay is proud to equip and train people at Pi Center at CUHK

MakerBay Equips Pi Center CUHK

You can see MakerBay staff Maria Lok Li Yee training on the MakerBench.

MakerBay Equips Pi Center CUHK
MakerBay Equips Pi Center CUHK
MakerBay Equips Pi Center CUHK

“Dare to innovate, CUHK PI Center, Dare to create”

Pi centre is a Pre-incubation centre. ACE Hub serves all CUHK faculty members, students and alumni, and systematically advancing them in various entrepreneurial venturing processes. If you want to know more: Call 3943 9568, Twitter: @cuhkacehub Email: [email protected], facebook: Visit:

If you are interested to have your own makerspace, makerbench, or tech and creative training, please get in touch: [email protected]

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