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4.2 Assignment | 功課

Maria Li September 10, 2020

For this assignment, you need to create and submit two files – a vector drawing (svg) file and a TriumphLaser (pwj) file. You will laser cut your drawing in the induction class. You can search for some product ideas on the internet. Be creative, but keep it simple!

Use Inkscape or any other CAD software to prepare a vector drawing, which fulfill the following criteria:

  • Include both vector and raster engraving
  • Not bigger than A4
  • Convert a bitmap image into vector linesblack and white, so that it can be engraved.

Prepare a pwj file using TriumphLaser from the vector drawing. The pwj file should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Separate different cuts and engraves into different layers
  • Correct cutting sequence (from in to out)
  • No need to set the power and speed (you will do it in the short induction at MakerBay)

Sign up for the induction through this link: https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/laser-cutting-induction-class-2020-machine-operation-and-safety-tickets-96307744055

The induction includes an assessment. After passing the assessment, you can use the laser cutter without supervision. (Of course you need to be a member of MakerBay first!)

Upload the vector drawing (.svg) and the project file (.pwj) below. Name your files as ‘Laser_level_1_(Your name).svg’ and ‘Laser_level_1_(Your name).pwj’.


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