Impactful Invention – Edible Water Bottle

The problem of single use plastics used to package water bottles is a problem that the world has been dealing with for a long time. However, London based startup seems to have come up with a solution to this problem. They have introduced water pouches which are made out of seaweed and plant extract. This therefore allows you to either eat or compost the container in which the water/liquid is stored in.

Ooho edible water bottle: Thousands of seaweed pods will replace ...
Edible Water Bottles Being Handed Out To Runners During A Race

These edible water bottles are packaged in small pouches, full of liquid inside, and to consume, the entire packet can just be eaten. This further brings great convenience to drinking water as it can be consumed with ease and speed.

Aside from efficiency, edible water bottles also help to curb the need for single use plastic water bottles, and may show some results in helping to prevent further pollution.

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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.