Reduce your plastic usage by using edible cutlery

A looming problem in the world at the moment is that of plastic cutlery polluting waterways and taking up a lot of space in landfills. The world uses half a billion plastic straws daily, as well as a hundred million single use spoons. To combat this problem, many companies such as the Indian company Bakeys have created a form of edible cutlery. These pieces of cutlery range from knives and forks to spoons and chopsticks, and are made out of ingredients such as rice and wheat.

Bakeys - Wikipedia

The good thing about edible cutlery is that there is no need to throw away any form of plastic cutlery, and the cutlery you use to eat can be part of the meal itself. Since these pieces of cutlery are made out of grains, they taste like crackers and are available in three flavours: savoury, sweet, and plain. 

Edible cutlery has a lot of potential to reduce our plastic usage, as well as water pollution, for it provides a viable way to transition away from single use plastics. Furthermore, it also provides some form of nutrition on the side. 

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