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MakerBay was delighted to partner with Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) and HKBN Talent CSI Fund to host the Hope Makers program. This green tech competition challenges university students to develop an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to the waste problem facing Hong Kong.

Students are equipped with knowledge and skills provided through training on design thinking, rapid prototyping and maker skills (laser cutting, woodworking, metalworking, CNC milling).

After two months of hard work, and an educational trip to Japan, they finally reached their first milestone – the presentation day.

On May 27, 2017, six teams of participating students presented their ideas and prototypes in front of the judges and their advisors. Based on their understanding of the community, the technicality and usability of the prototype, three teams were selected to proceed with the program.

The judging panel included:

  • Cesar Jung-Harada, Founder and Director, MakerBay
  • Eric Ho, Chief Information Officer, HKBN
  • Shan Tam, Chairperson, HKBN Talent CSI Fund Steering Committee
  • YS Chan, Director of Engineering Solutions Center, Arrow

Top left: Advisors, Stephan Kwok and Rex Hui, CSI fund senior manager, Bonnie Chan, showed support to the students during the presentation.

Top right: Announcement of the results!

Bottom left: Advisor Dr. Chris Fung chatting with students

Bottom right: Cesar Jung-Harada enjoying a conversation with the students.

IoT waste reducing ideas include:

Top left: Smart Bin to correctly categorise home waste and promote recycling.

Bottom left: Bakery tray that can detect the freshness of baked goods for smart and timely delivery of donation of leftover bread to groups in need.

Right: Water vending machine to dissuade one-time use bottled water.

The semi-finalists include:

A simple device that visualises water use at hotel through a fish tank.

Using the RFID technology, the simple tag and scanning gloves encourage food fairs visitors and exhibitors to use biodegradable and reusable cups when obtaining or giving out samples.

A shampoo vending machine to encourage reuse of shampoo bottles among university students.

The selected teams were given advice on how to further improve their ideas and prototypes. During the next few weeks, they will upgrade their prototypes, join a Japan study trip, and pitch their ideas in front of industrial and community leaders. Please stay tuned for more program updates!

This program would not have been possible without the generous support from AEL, Arrow, ERM, HK Recycles, Dr. Chris Fung, Ivy Lau, Voltra and Charming Holidays Hong Kong.

Photo credit: HKBN Talent CSI Fund Facebook


About Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN):

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (“HKBN”) is Hong Kong’s largest provider of residential high-speed fibre broadband (symmetrical 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps) services by number of subscriptions. The company offers a full range of telecommunications solutions for enterprise and residential markets, encompassing broadband network services, cloud solutions, data connectivity and voice communications. HKBN owns an extensive fibre network in Hong Kong, which covers over 2.1 million residential homes passed, representing approximately 79% of Hong Kong’s total residential units, and more than 2,000 commercial buildings. HKBN takes great pride in developing its 2,400 plus Talents into a competitive advantage. HKBN is a subsidiary of HKBN Ltd (SEHK Stock Code: 1310).

About HKBN Talent CSI Fund:

HKBN Talent CSI Fund (the “Fund”) is 100% independently financed by Talents and Friends of HKBN Ltd. (“HKBN”) and its existence is nonetheless indicative of the caring spirit that exists within our people. First established in July 2015, the Fund began with an initial startup funding of HK$5 million from HKBN Co-Owners who, after completing HKBN IPO listing, sought to give back to the community. The Fund seeks to immerse HKBN Talents in a variety of CSI projects to co-create long-term value and better future for Hong Kong.

About MakerBay:

MakerBay is the first full-scale makerspace in Hong Kong. As a social enterprise, MakerBay is interested in creative and practical solutions to improve our society and the environment. MakerBay offers a wide range of services including education programs, workshops, corporate events, membership and fabrications through its two locations in Yau Tong and Central.

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