Hong Kong Mini MakerFaire 2017, at Poly U

HK MakerFaire 2017

We really had a blast this year at the Hong Kong MakerFaire. MakerBay was presented in 8 booths and we had many interactive exhibits that thousands of visitors enjoyed. Special thanks to Pieter Franken and Ken Wong for the pictures. Great team work from the MakerBay team and volunteers – well done!

MakerBay School
In the future, robots and AI will become increasingly prevalent. What can humans do that robots cannot do?
The current school system does not prepare Hong Kong students comprehensively for 21st century challenges and opportunities. Maker education / STEM education can be a great complement to the conventional education. At MakerBay, Maker Education focuses on 1) empathy for social and environmental issues; 2) curiosity, collaboration, perseverance; 3) creativity with design and fabrication tools. At MakerBay School you will see many of the projects we have done with several Hong Kong schools. Come explore how to bring Maker Education to your school or community. We can provide tools, furniture and training for teachers.”

MakerBay Citizen Science
Who can contribute to science?
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or have a PhD to contribute to the advancement of human knowledge. Anyone can be a citizen scientst! Citizen Science is when regular citizens decide to take part into the scientific process by either collecting data for professional scientists, or conducting the whole process themselves, often in a collaborative and open fashion. For example, each of us can report about air quality issue in our city using their mobile phone and some simple sensors. One person producing data may not be that reliable or relevant, but the aggregation of many contributions can lead to a greater understanding of any given city-scale situation. Citizen Science is a new powerful form of civic engagement in which citizens are empowered to understand their environment, collaborate and share their findings to improve society. “

Maker Startup
Can you turn your passion into a business?
With the great proximity to the “world’s factory” in Shenzhen, a well-established financial and legal structure, and a business-friendly administration, Hong Kong has transformed from being merely a manufacturing hub to a startup powerhouse. Here, you can find yourself in a dynamic scene where the East meets the West.
A makerspace is where invention and innovation happen, at the intersection of art and science, of design and engineering. Come and meet MakerBay’s entrepreneurs. Let’s chat about how we can support you to turn your ideas into product, and your passion into a business!

Makers in Cage
Which is the fastest growing human group? Migrants. With climate change, political instability, revolutions, people are moving to avoid war, torture, slavery, abuse, persecution, to look for safety and better opportunities. Hong Kong is the home of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees, usually spending an average of seven years in poverty before they can go onto their next chapter in life. But this small minority of the population contains the highest cultural diversity and is incredibly resilient and creative. Come and meet some people that will surprise you with their creativity and kindness.

MakerBay Design & Craft
Makers will make, but what do they make? Look around you. Almost everything you see has been designed and manufactured. MakerBay has the space, tools and community to help you make (almost) anything. Come and see what our makers are working on and see how you can get involved.

Maker ek!
“What is clean but also ewww? Slime is!
Come and learn how to make slime and play with it. You will learn about the chemicals and methods to make your own concoction to have the maximum EK fun!”

Maker Art
“The role of the artist is to transform society, not represent it,” said modern artist Joseph Beuys. The maker movement is the gray area between the artist, the designer, the engineer, the scientist. We need what is useful, we love what is beautiful. Sometimes, what is useful is also beautiful. The experience of beauty is integral to being human. Art is the first form of technology, the human expression. Come and experience some poetry. Enjoy some subtle meaning in this utilitarian world.

Maker Family
Everyone loves making! We had a crazy year 2016 embarking on a really cool & inspiring journey in “making”! It all started from a workshop at Makerbay, then it just went viral & we love spending hours or days at Makerbay. Nothing more rewarding than spending quality family time together especially soaking in such hectic lifestyle at Hong Kong, what more quality time together where everyone in the family having fun besides enriching ourself with the knowledge of all kind of tools, exploring our limitless creativity & learning valuable real life lessons from cool makers worldwide right here at Makerbay! Within just a year, without any maker background ourselves, we made drones, wooden dummy for martial art, PlayKard (Cardboard play system), KayuRide (Wooden ride system), Augmented Reality Sandbox & many more Maker projects.

Precious Plastic


MakeVR and Google Tiltbrush

Digital SandBox

All 3 last interactive installations are available to rent per day. Please get in touch if you are interested: [email protected]

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Ms. Angie Zhou

Education Specialist

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Angie Zhou is an Education Specialist at MIT App Inventor. She was the founder and CEO of Dreams Come True in Shenzhen, where she developed online coding courses for kids. She also has previous curriculum development, teaching and staff training experience at First Code Academy in Hong Kong.