“Gratitude Workshop” by Deepa Gupta, July 16th, 16:00 at MakerBay Central (PMQ)

For my Hong Kong friends and your friends,

  • Price: FREE workshop on Gratitude for your
  • Age: 11 years to 14 years old kids on
  • Time: Tuesday- 16th July
  • Location: at PMQ from 4pm till 5.15pm.

Deepa is a Certified Life and a Money Coach has a real passion for maximizing the joy of childhood, and a passionate cook.
Before she moved to Hong Kong in 2007, she worked in New Delhi for eight years in the telecom and banking industry, where she headed a team that she grew from zero to eighty.
She loves sharing her life coaching tools and techniques with young students. She believes building the foundation with essential life skills like gratitude, managing and expressing emotions, developing healthy habits, etc will prepare them to focus and handle the pressure of high school better.

More information: https://www.raewithdeepa.com/

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