Getting Coffee from WWF’s 100% Solar Mobile Café!

From November 2017 to March 2018, you could have grabbed a nice cup of coffee from Hong Kong’s first 100% solar-powered mobile café which included a kettle, fan, speaker, water pump, LED lights and a digital display – all of which were powered by three photovoltaic panels for up to 6 hours. A bicycle was also one of the main component’s of the mobile café so that it could be driven from one place to another.

Increasing awareness in renewable energy, WWF-Hong Kong launched the mobile cafe to demonstrate the application of solar energy in our daily lives and promote policies which increase the use of renewable energy.

Solar Mobile Bike
Customers ordering from the mobile café

The mobile cafe was launched in Tai O and visited different hotspots in Hong Kong such as Discovery Bay Sunday Market, HKUST and Paterson Street, Causeway Bay. Unfortunately, the mobile café is no longer on tour – let’s hope that more solar cafés pop up in Hong Kong!

Sources: WWF’s 100% Solar Mobile Café Hits the Road, Solarising Communities – Power to the people by WWF

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