Festool demo at Makerbay

Festool is a brand of power tools from Germany. It is known for its system-based approach on power tools and focus on dust extraction.
Festool products make life easier for professional tradespeople or the diy people and help them to achieve perfect results faster.

Dirk Miao and Thomas Poon talking about the Festool tools.

The Festool track saw is the perfect tool to cut large plywood sheets or even timber.With the track being portable it can be used for many different types of job.

The Festool table saw is a great saw for doing small detailed work with the ability to clamp the work to the bed,keeping hands away from the blade making it very safe for those small jobs.

Hands are kept at a very safe distance while cutting.

The Festool router table makes doing rebates and grooves easy and accurate and with the extraction on there is little to no dust produced.

The Festool mitre saw has a laser to make it very easy to see where the blade is cutting and also shows you the width of the blade.
Adjusting the saw to do angle cuts is very easy and precise making the job effortless.

the Festool domino is a great machine to save time when you have to joint timber or sheet material. Here you can see Dirk Miao showing how to use the domino machine.

A big thank you to Dirk Miao and Thomas Poon from Festool for coming into Makerbay to give the demo on how to use the tools and some helpful tips.

Link to the tools are www.festool.cn or www.haynien.com.hk

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