Plastic Pollution and Upcycling 塑膠污染與升級改造 (Part 1)

Maria Li · December 14, 2020

塑料污染已經給環境造成了很大的問題。 您對此了解多少? 它如何影響我們的生態系統? 我們可以做些什麼嗎? 在本課程中,您將通過動手完成塑料瓶回收項目,研究塑料污染如何影響我們的生活以及學習新的製作技能。

Plastic pollution has been creating a great problem to the environment. How much do you know about it? How does it affecting our ecosystem? Can we do something about it? In this course, you will study how plastic pollution affect our lives as well as learning new making skills by doing a hands-on plastic bottle upcycling project.

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