CHIC / EPFL visits MakerBay

MakerBay was very fortunate to have the visit of the brilliant interdisciplinary teams of EPFL – the CHIC Program.  Discover the projects made possible by interdisciplinary teams:

Come and listen to the journey of designing an IoT product, experienced by interdisciplinary teams of design, engineering and business students from Switzerland and Senegal. Just a few months after starting from a blank page, they dived into the Shenzhen/Hong Kong hardware ecosystem to finish their prototype. You will hear the teams presenting their projects and see the actual prototypes.

Projects presented:

  • CARING: Secure, trusted and simple communication for better healthcare.
  • Tolbi: Solving the problem of wasting farmers’ water to optimize their resources and improve their performance.
  • kneet: Making knee rehabilitation simpler for better global health.
  • Tengo: Joy is spontaneous. Our product has it and rents it, whenever you want at the place where you need it the most.
  • AKANE: A tool that will help you manage your noise level in the classroom.
  • Hapstick: More than a pair of sticks, a connected recovery experience.
  • Heptabox: Follow your medical treatment properly.
  • NOX: With the set of lamps NOX, brighten up the lives of your loved ones takes a new dimension

From MakerBay side we heard

  • Kidwriter: Platform for kids to publish books for other kids, by Joe Chew
  • Ghost Net Tagger: IOT Devices to collect ghost nets, by Ken Chew
  • Special People: How special needs people are us, by Kamakshi Bhavnani
  • MakerBench: an integrated tool for local innovation globally, by Cesar Jung-Harada for MakerBay

Find out more about the program and the current projects on

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