Berrybot A.I Youth Competition, at Wyng Foundation


The Wyng Foundation organized a very cool student competition to introduce them to AI. MakerBay helped mentor the students working on their robots and coding.

WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition

Corpus Christi College of the University of Cambridge, Philomathia Foundation and WYNG Foundation co-hosted the WYNG Philomathia Machine Learning/AI Competition 2018-19 to encourage AI initiatives in Hong Kong’s upper secondary students and promote the understanding of the role that AI already plays in our daily life and look into the risks and opportunities the new technology has on our society. This competition shares the same theme of “Opportunity” as WMA 2018/19 cycle. […]

This exhibition is one small step towards answering the many questions surrounding AI. WMA is pleased to showcase the impressive innovativeness, curiosity and self-learning ability of these students, who have demonstrated how AI technology can be integrated into everyday life to improve the quality of our lives and make us more productive. […]

Smart Strawberry Sorting

Food supply chain safety and labour shortages are two challenges facing agricultural production. AI can improve the efficiency of this task and bring relief to workers’ lives, and we can learn from these machines to find even more applications and opportunities.

Teams were asked to develop a machine which could identify quality variations of individual strawberries in terms of size, ripeness, or damage. They were asked to develop a mechanism using Lego Mindstorms, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, JoinMax Robot or an equivalent to pick out the higher quality strawberries and place them in a package.

Four winning teams were selected out of 19 entries. The winners went on a study tour to the University of Cambridge and London in early July 2019, where they learned about the latest technology trends and met with scholars and practitioners to enrich their understanding of real world application of AI. The four winning teams include Ho Yu College, Marymount Secondary School, St Paul’s Convent School and St Stephen’s College. The exhibition includes also the work of the finalist team Carmel Secondary School.

I was very impressed with the maturity and smarts of these 2 young women. The team is Ip Wing Yiu, Cheung Lok Ki, Cheung Veronica Yue-Yan. Congratulations.

You can still go to see the robots exhibited

  • Exhibition period: 24th August to 20th September 2019 (except for Mondays)
  • Opening hours: 12noon to 7pm
  • Address: WMA Space, 8/F, Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 23-29 Wing Wo Street, Central, Hong Kong

I gave a 40 minutes presentation followed by Q&A. You can see the presentation here above. After the presentation we went on visiting Makerbay. A big thank you to Fiona Ching who was instrumental to make this happen.

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